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What Is College Success 101?

College Success 101 is a unique study guide group promoting college success & achievement in a welcome setting.

Mastering college requires more than just academic know how. This can be a very tough thing for most people. The unwritten rules of college life can often challenge new & continuing college students. College Success 101 is a unique study group opportunity sharing successful college transition skills with new college students, continuing college students and families of college-bound and college-enrolled students.


Often, students who struggle in college do so because they are unclear about what their college professors expect. The secret is to know what professors expect. College Success 101 study groups are small and cozy, so you can find out, direct from professors and university staff the real inside scoop. We will share topics, which will familiarize you with the collegiate environment and give you the tools you need to earn a college credential and degree. College Success 101 will pre-educate you on how to best succeed as you go off to new your new educational journey. This College Success 101 series will let you in on secrets and tools to best conquer college, whether it is your first semester or your last or you are a family supporting the college bound or college enrolled student. Make sure the investment in college is well spent and time is spent well.

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Pre-College Students

Congratulations. You are on your way, college student!

Too many students make the mistake of sticking with their high school study methods. You will see that college is so different then high school so navigating with the help of College Success 101’s inside scoop is just what you need to get through the transition. Professors are an important part of the college success path and they know that a student who is actively paying attention—taking notes, making eye contact, asking questions—is going to make the best student and, eventually grade! There are new ideas like syllabus, online-due dates, group work and responsibilities far beyond high school. SO join our college practice run before you show up for orientation, pre-game it.


Check out the College Success 101 study groups if you are planning to apply to college and need some guidance or you have already been accepted into a college program. First generation students, this is a must!


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Enrolled College Students

As a continuing college-enrolled student, it is helpful to grow and learn new study habits in order to up your game to the finish line of good grades and graduation.

Still trying to master the class schedules, syllabus? Join College Success 101 and connect with faculty and students from a variety of colleges to ask questions you might not have the answer to, yet.  Make sure to check out the library of resources that includes university vocabulary, insider tips on university traditions and histories, and suggestions from students who have lived the college days. Build confidence through one-on-one meetings with staff and mentors, phone conversations and texts, group chats, and e-mails.


Check out College Success 101 for college enrolled students advanced study groups if you are currently attending college or a returning student and want that leg-up to power through to the finish line.


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Family Members

Great job, proud family, you got them this far, accepted into college.

Congratulations on your wise decision to encourage your student to continue their learning careers. College is a big step and expectations are very different and often overwhelming for your college bound or college enrolled student. However, the pathway to higher education learning begins well before your student steps foot inside their classroom or campus. New students often feel overwhelmed at first, a little out of place, and unprepared.  Continuing college students can lose their way and face new obstacles along the way.  Give them the best chance to succeed. College Success 101 study groups for Families/Parents help you, help them prepare and support aspiring college students before and during their educational journey. The College Success 101 series for Families/Parents will clue you in to know-how beyond the right comforter and mini-fridge.


Each of you have your own story and the College Success 101 study group; make sure it has a great ending. Keep watching the calendar for pre-gaming the college experience or meet ups during Home for The Holidays