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What Is Be My Guest?

I always admired the spontaneity and sparkle of finding that small sign in the window of an out of the way boutique in Paris or Milan and meeting that stylish, actual talent behind the sparkle. Wow, a pop-up with intellect straight from the founding shop owner- schooling with passion.

BE MY GUEST is a special place to meet and hear from our local community of entrepreneurs, immensely creative souls sharing their stories and talent. Today the pop up store industry is worth over $30 billion dollars. The ReDeFeinery is the place we can build local buzz and awareness, learn about newest trends and thrill over-shopped customers with a the live store experience.

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Pop Up Shop

For BE MY GUEST Learners.

Be My Guest at The ReDeFeinery offers you the wonder to shop and learn something, everything unique. What’s New, What’s Next, What’s Now in fashion, food, beauty, technology … who knows? Check out the calendar of informed learn and shopping experiences. Sign up to get hot topic, last minute alerts. You will love the disruption of each pop-up trend capsule collection with informed lessons hosted by our Be My Guest community.


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For BE MY GUEST Talented Hosts

The ability to showcase product ideas and trendspotting space completely trained GUEST Training tool box. In fact, 87% of customers (still) want to see and feel the experience of products as part of their purchasing. The Pop Up & Learn at The ReDeFeinery showcases local entrepreneurs pop up ventures as well as teaches you everything you need to know succeed in your short-term pop up journey. I will teach you, the talented community members to be educators of expertise. BE MY GUEST at The ReDeFeinery Training manual included with the community sponsored education events for small businesses like yourself who wants to connect in person. A physical store allows you to connect with your customers on a human level.


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For BE MY GUEST Quality Teachers

One of the most important things for a business new or long-standing is to validate the customers’ demand for an idea, products and services—and real product validation only happens when money changes hands. Be My Guest Pop up and shop learning events will allow you to test new markets and gain traction in existing ones. Selling in person gives you the added benefit of receiving direct, unfiltered feedback from customers by seeing their initial reactions and finding out if they’re willing to spend money on what you’re selling (and how much). If you’ve already established your business online and know you have a strong customer base in a specific region, a pop-up shop can help you literally be where your best customers are. It can also assist with word-of-mouth marketing in an area where you know your target demographic resides. Launch party. Pop-up shops make for great launch parties, whether it’s your pop-up debut or the launch of a new product line.

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